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The inguinal hair removal allows you to solve the problem of unwanted hair that grows in those areas there.

Nowadays it has become almost an indispensable practice, both for a hygienic issue and for a purely aesthetic factor, think of the costume in the summer season.

There are various methods to deal with the problem: there is the classic razor, the depilatory cream, the hot waxes, the Brazilian waxing Depilrose, the pulsed light and the laser.

The hair removal in the groin can be done by the dermatologist, in a beauty center or comfortably at home, if you opt for the latter, remember that the areas intimate are very delicate and sensitive and you must always observe some more precautions when it comes to the bikini area.

What is pubic hair used for?

Pubic hair has a dual function, first of all they are indispensable for thermoregulation as they keep the skin temperature stable in the groin area, secondly they protect our parts intimate with bacteria, allergens and pathogenic microorganisms, physically opposing them as a barrier to protect the genitals.

Advantages of groin depilation

Depilating in the groin area allows for smooth skin and the absence of unwanted hair significantly improves hygiene and aesthetic appearance. < / p>

How is the groin depilation performed?

Razor : it is the most classic, easiest and fastest way to shave. It consists of one or more blades (depending on the model of razor used) that cut the satin hair of the skin. Although this may seem the easiest solution, however, it hides many pitfalls: It does not eradicate the hair at the root, but only removes the final part and this in the long run leads to an increase in the regrowth of the hair which will be increasingly stronger and harder, especially in a hormonal area such as the groin. Another factor that should not be underestimated is the irritation that the passage of the blade generates on such a delicate skin as that of the genitals, boils, inflammation of the skin, as well as the possible concrete risk of cutting in very delicate areas can form.

Depilatory cream : It can be considered the physical alternative to the razor, it is a cream that is spread directly on the hair and after letting it act for a time that can vary from 3 to 8 minutes, you can simply remove it with water, perhaps with the help of a spatula or sponge that is usually supplied in the package, if the cream does not go away immediately you can also use a wipe but without rubbing, only to dab the affected area. However, this technique also hides pitfalls as it is a chemical product that thanks to thioglycolic acid chemically dissolves keratin (the main component of the hair). As happens with the razor, this hair removal method does not affect the hair bulb in the least, therefore it does not delay the hair regrowth, and in the long run the chemical agents present in the cream can irritate the skin, therefore it is advisable to use it only in small areas and well away from the genital mucous membranes.

Hot waxing : it is mainly composed of paraffin (a derivative of petroleum) and other chemical substances, it dissolves with the aid of a electric cooker and spread on the hairs, we apply TNT strips and remove them with a strong tear against the hair. This method allows you to uproot the hair at the root and therefore allows you to save a lot of time between one treatment and the other, however the paraffin is very aggressive on the skin and the tearing even if performed by expert hands is rather painful.

Brazilian wax Depilrose : it is a natural wax based on beeswax, alba wax and essential oils, unlike the hot wax it does not contain paraffin and does not require strips to be removed. It is heated in the electric cooker and spreads with the spatula in the direction of the hair, after a few seconds a flap of the strip is raised and used to pull it away from the skin, in the direction of the counter hair. With this method, the hair is removed at the root and in the long run, thinning of the hair and an increase in regrowth times are obtained, moreover the tear pain is reduced to a minimum, as the natural components of the Brazilian wax Depilrose do not stick to the skin and the essential oils that compose it contribute to soothe and flare the skin.

Hair removal strips : they are a ready-to-use version of the normal hot waxing, the peculiarity of this product is that the wax is no longer in a jar but we find it already arranged on the non-woven strips that are affixed to the skin and always pulled in the direction of the counter hair. As with hot wax, this product is composed of paraffin and is therefore very aggressive on the skin and makes it not very suitable for treating delicate areas such as the groin.

Electric epilator : it is a rather widespread device and can be used in any part of the body, it is composed of a head with jaws that they mechanically hook the hairs and weed them out from the skin. Its effectiveness depends on the rotation speed of the head and it is often necessary to go over the area several times to allow the jaws to grasp all the individual hairs of the part to be treated. Given its particular conformation, however, this turns out to be one of the most painful methods in that you feel every single uncork of each hair even increasing its rotation speed.

Laser hair removal : it is carried out only in medical offices or in beauty salons, it foresees more treatment sessions (according to the area to be treated) and it is effective only in the presence of dark hair in contrast to a light skin. The laser in question is a beam of light that strikes the melanin in the dark hairs and overheats them to the point of distorting their structure. With the course of the sessions, after months, there is a progressive thinning and thinning of the hair, slowing down its regrowth. At the end of each session, it is still necessary to perform an epilation with hot wax or better still, Brazilian Depilrose waxing since the hair affected by the laser still remains in the skin.

Hair removal with pulsed light : it is a technique similar to laser hair removal but can be performed by anyone, like the laser, however, has limitations in what can be performed only on dark hair on very light skin as it affects the hair melanin with a wavelength of the light beam that can also affect the skin, for this reason it is not recommended to do it in summer or on rather skins dark. As already said for the laser once the session has been carried out, it is still necessary to undergo an epilation treatment with hot wax or Depilrose Brazilian waxing.

Limits of some methods for groin waxing

    • Razor
  1. It does not act on the hair bulb and therefore the regrowth appears within a few days
  2. Risk of irritation and boils
  3. Risk of skin infections and inflammations
  4. Being the pubic hair very thick, the regrowth of a hair of this type cut at the height of the stem turns out to be harder and more bristly
  5. If the skin is not well exfoliated or hydrated it is very easy that, by regrowing, the hair tends to incarnate
  6. Some micro-lesions of the skin due to the passage of the laman could in some cases predispose to sexually transmitted diseases.
    • Depilatory cream
  1. If not laid out to perfection the result is not optimal
  2. May lead to skin irritation due to strong chemical agents that melt the hair
  3. Often the smell it causes when it acts is very strong and annoying
  4. In some cases allergic reactions may occur
  • Hot waxing
  1. being composed mostly of paraffin (petroleum derivative) it attaches not only to the hair but also to the skin, causing not a little pain in the tear as well as redness, skin inflammation and folliculitis.
      • Lasers and pulsed light
    1. Cannot be performed on all types of hair
    2. Cannot be performed on all types of leather
    3. Pulsed light is not advisable to carry it out in summer
    4. They devitalize the hair but without removing it, therefore they must still be followed by another method of epilation

    The best solution for groin waxing

    Groin depilation with Brazilian waxing Depilrose is quick and simple and is the best solution if you want to remove hair effectively, lastingly and with as little pain as possible.

    The other techniques appear to be either last-minute remedies that do not improve in the long run, but actually worsen the situation by thickening the hair (razor or depilatory cream) or are techniques that also contribute to solving the problem in the long run but immediately cause severe pain in the tearing of the hair (traditional hot waxing and electric epilator). the laser and the pulsed light are very effective but have limitations due to the type of hair and skin, and above all after each session a manual removal of the hair must however be carried out, as both methods weaken or devitalize it but without actually actually remove it.

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    How to prepare the skin for inguinal waxing

    Whether you have chosen the razor, the electric epilator or the Brazilian depilrose wax, before undergoing an inguinal hair removal it is good that you observe these precautions:

    At least two days before, it is good to undergo an exfoliating treatment. It will allow the removal of dead skin cells and will help prevent the occurrence of irritable hair. Those with very sensitive skin can also resort to scrub, a scrub that is usually used for the face. We do not recommend the use of loofah sponges or horsehair gloves that could scratch the skin.

    Just before the epilation itself it is advisable to clean the genital area well and make sure that it is well dry and free of creams, oils, alcohol or any other fatty substance.

    What to do after groin waxing

      • Avoid soaps or alcohol-based products such as deodorants or other irritants
      • Apply gel or soothing creams to the skin
      • Wear cotton underwear to avoid unwanted redness or irritation

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