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How to dissolve the Brazilian Depilrose waxing

Open the Depilrose jar and remove the aluminum foil using the special tab, insert the jar in the stove and set the thermostat to the maximum.

Put the plastic cap back on the jar in order to keep all the heat inside and favor the melting of the resin.

To speed up the melting of the resin, especially if the can is full, as soon as the edges of the solid block begin to melt using a scoop apply a circular motion on the block so as to spin it. Repeat this procedure in the five minutes following the first movement. When the resin at the edges starts to increase, apply downward pressure on the solid block so as to immerse it in the loose resin of the edges, after which, as soon as possible, turn the solid block of resin upside down using a scoop. By implementing this process, the dissolution times will be halved.

When the resin has reached a consistency close to that of honey, you can lower the temperature a little and start using it. Always keep the density of the wax under control, if you notice that it becomes too dense, raise the temperature, if it should be too liquid, lower it.

IMPORTANT Do not rely too much on the temperature indicated on the stove handle because, for reasons of heat dispersion, the liquid inside the jar will never be as hot as the stove.

General principles on how to apply the Brazilian waxing

  • Waxing should always be applied in the direction of hair growth.
  • Once the wax layer has solidified, it must always be removed in the direction of the counter hair
  • If the same part of the body has hair that grows in different directions, do a draft for each of them, dividing the area into several parts (this could usually happen for the armpit and the groin)

Come si applica la ceretta brasiliana Depilrose

Prendi un po’ di cera con la paletta in legno e avvicinati alla pelle, tenendo la paletta inclinata quasi in verticale poggiala sulla parte da trattare e fai scorrere la paletta esercitando una decisa ma leggera pressione contro la pelle, immagina di star spalmando della marmellata e di sentire il coltello stridere contro la fetta biscottata, cerca di replicare la stessa “pressione”. Cerca di non premere troppo, perché potresti fare una striscia troppo sottile che potrebbe strapparsi durante la rimozione, ma neanche di premere troppo poco perché non faresti aderire bene la cera sui peli.

Col tempo e l’esercizio troverai il giusto equilibrio.

Come capisco quando posso rimuovere la stesura

Quando avrai steso la ceretta e definito i bordi puoi iniziare a sentire, toccandola con un dito, se la striscia risulta ancora appiccicosa, quando la sentirai più solida potrai rimuoverla. Col tempo e la pratica acquisirai più sicurezza e sarà un’operazione che farai in automatico.

How the Brazilian Depilrose waxing is applied

Take a little bit of wax with the wooden paddle and approach the skin, keeping the paddle tilted almost vertically rest it on the part to be treated and slide the paddle exercising a determined but light pressure against the skin, she imagines she is smearing some jam and feeling the knife screeching against the rusk, she tries to replicate the same "pressure". Try not to press too hard, because you could make a too thin strip that could tear during removal, but also not to press too little because you would not adhere the wax well to the hair.

With time and exercise you will find the right balance.

As I understand when I can remove the draft

When you have spread the wax and defined the edges you can start to feel it, touching it with a finger, if the strip is still sticky, when you feel it more solid you can remove it. Over time and practice you will gain more confidence and it will be an operation that you will do automatically.

How do I remove the strip

The Brazilian waxing strip, must always be removed in the direction of the counter hair, then lift the end flap and grab it with your fingers, then with a decisive gesture remove the draft by having be careful to pull parallel to the skin, DO NOT pull the strip upward. If you pull upwards you risk breaking the hairs, the more you can pull it parallel to the skin the more it will be possible to remove the bulbs of your hair and thus obtain the best result from Depilrose.

Practical advice

Define the edges of the strip well to avoid leaving residues on the skin.

After a few applications, if necessary, clean the scoop of wax residues by scraping it along the edge of the jar, so as to always have a precise and clean application.

Spreads on long parts of the body

For the first few times we advise you to practice with small drafts, once you have acquired a good dexterity, you can try to make a long draft for areas such as arms and legs . For example, you can make a strip from the elbow to the wrist, or from the knee to the ankle. The elasticity of Depilrose allows you to add the strip with multiple layers and to remove it easily once it has solidified.

How to speed up hair removal with Depilrose Brazilian waxing

When you have acquired a certain practice, and well understood both the timing and the removal technique you can speed up the depilation with the Depilrose Brazilian wax in a very simple way: perform more alternate drafts (the first few times maybe make only two, then move on to three or four drafts), then remove the first one you did and maybe use it to hook and remove the others made later. Then make the drafts in the areas you skipped and that separated the previous drafts, and repeat the removal operation. This technique saves you a lot of time by eliminating downtime.

Why choose Brazilian waxing Depilrose

Choosing the Brazilian Depilrose wax has obvious benefits and advantages, first of all it greatly reduces the pain of the tear until you can not feel it at all, it also avoids skin irritation, redness and the follicular; Brazilian Depilrose waxing delays hair regrowth for over 6 weeks thanks to the removal of the hair bulb and Geranium essential oil.

The essential oils present in the Depilrose Brazilian wax soothe the skin and make it soft and silky.

Depilrose can be considered the best Brazilian waxing since the ingredients and essential oils are top quality and have been selected so as to make the product effective and with visible benefits since from the first application. Seven essential oils were chosen, each with its own characteristics and functions: Rosa Canina, Geranium Rosa, Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree Oil, Thyme, Lemon.

Let's remember the advantages of using the Depilrose Brazilian wax:

  1. Painless: greatly reduces the pain of the tear since it does not stick to the skin and thanks to the essential oils it dilates the pores by removing the hair without breaking it
  2. Delicate: natural ingredients and essential oils make the product gentle on the skin
  3. Retardant: delays the regrowth of the hair for over 6 weeks thanks to the removal of the hair and the bulb
  4. Without stripes: it is used without stripes, simple and quick to use.
  5. Without irritation or redness: used at 40 degrees avoids irritation and redness of the skin and prevents folliculitis
  6. Weak regrowth: thanks to the removal of the hair bulb and essential oils, the hair grows weaker and thinned
  7. Unisex and complete: effective on both men and women, it can be used in all areas of the body
  8. Easy to use: its use is easy and simple, roll out aspects and tears