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The waiting time for the melting of the Brazilian waxes (the good ones with natural ingredients) is quite long, it is about 1 hour / 1 hour and a half. This happens because the natural ingredients contained in the waxing (rosin resins, beeswax, etc.) have a high melting point and to change from solid to liquid state take more than 1 hour at a temperature of about 100 degrees.

Below we show you an effective technique to reduce waiting times in order to use the Depilrose Brazilian wax, allowing you to use it after 25 minutes!

Guide to reduce the time of dissolution of Depilrose

To speed up the melting of the resin, especially if the can is full, as soon as the edges of the solid block begin to melt using a scoop apply a circular motion on the block so as to spin it.

Repeat this procedure in the five minutes following the first movement.

When the resin starts to increase, apply downward pressure on the solid block so as to immerse it in the loose resin of the edges, after which, as soon as possible, invert the solid block of resin always using a palette.

By implementing this process the melting times will be halved.

For optimal use of the Brazilian resin Depilrose the consistency must be close to that of honey. If you notice that it is too liquid, let it cool for a few seconds on the palette before spreading it on the skin so as to decrease the temperature and avoid scalding the skin.

Always keep under control the density of the resin, if you notice that it becomes too dense, raise the temperature, if instead it should be too liquid, lower it.

Demonstration video to reduce the dissolution of Depilrose